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After conducting a survey with hundreds of doctors and healthcare provders, we have learnt about their top priorities and pain-points while managing their patients. We have addressed them all along with many more user-friendly features in our Clinic Management Software.

Docmed’s aim is to design a systematic healthcare management software that can help ease the lives of both, — the doctors as well as patients. We have eradicated the chaos of appointment management, patient billing, payment collection, maintaining patient records, etc.

Focus On Your Patients & Leave The Rest To Us

You can now focus only on your patients while we take care of the rest. The doctors can now easily collaborate with different departments through Electronic health records (EHR). With the help of Docmed’s Practice management software, they can access as well as consolidate essential information from & in one location.

Save paper, ink, money and time by digitally maintaining prescriptions, bills, medical histories, calculations and more.

Features Of Patient Management Software | Docmed

Patient management often becomes a heavy task that takes up a lot of time and energy from the doctors. Be it inconsistent appointments, long wait times, loads of manually recorded patient informations, inability to access or share information across departments and the list goes on. But an effective patient management system can resolve these pain-points and let you focus on the patients treatment.

Let us look at some of the key features that Docmed’s Clinic Management System is hailed for.

Enable 24*7 Instant Online Booking With Appointment Scheduling Systems

Now integrate all your appointment channels – Website, Mobile App, IVR & Front desk in a Central Calendar.
Patients can call 24X7 and book or cancel appointments without you having to answer the call. Saves a lot of time and effort doesn’t it?
Tackle no-shows with easy re-scheduling option for patients.
Track your appointment status with Docmed’s unique color coded views. This patient scheduling software let’s you update them as per your convinience.

Patient Records Management — Your Patient’s Data Is Now At Your Finger-tips.

Refer to your patient’s medical history, treatments, diagnosis, and lots more in one place.
You can also easily record medical data in customizable forms in no time with our EMR software (Electronic Medical Records).
Enable automated sharing of medical records with your patients.

[Did you know: Patients book significantly more appointments with the same doctor if digital records are shared with them.]

Collect All Due Payments In A Click Via Medical Billing Software

You can setup customized rates, collect payments and issue printed bills and receipts on your letterhead, — all in one place.
Your patients can pay anytime, from anywhere.
Several reports are available if you want to tract daily and monthly collections.

Real-Time Digitization As You Prescribe

Docmed’s medical practice software captures your prescription in real-time.
You can transform your thoughts into digital content instantly.
This digital prescription system help the doctors to create & print their prescriptions in less than a minute.

Syncing Across Devices

With Docmed’s health information system you can now stay connected from wherever you are.
We help you sync medical informations including prescriptions with all your devices, so that your prescriptions are available wherever you need them.

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Docmed offers the best SaaS-based clinic management software that single handedly helps the doctors to manage their appointment, patient cues, payment collection, access and consolidate Electronic health records (EHR), create real-time digital prescription and many more. We have served countless doctors and healthcare providers with our easy-to-use simplified clinic management systems.

We have helped them reduce operational costs and thus increase their profitability while delivering better care to the patients. Use it to know the difference.

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